Preserving History. Honoring Excellence. Connecting Generations.

Who We Are

The IHHF is an international, independent organization tasked with researching and selecting the most exceptional individuals from within the Hospitality industry in order to not only reward but to acknowledge and immortalize their extraordinary efforts and achievements that have formed their careers.

The IHHF is created to celebrate brilliance in our industry. We are dedicated to recognising the people who are making outstanding contributions to the field of hotel keeping and related hospitality services and inspiring and educating a new generation of hoteliers. To celebrate the innovators, leaders, thinkers, doers across all hospitality disciplines.

What We Recognise

Outstanding contributions to the field of international hospitality as defined in the HHOF vision. Individuals (not companies or campaigns.) Currently people will be recognised each year, with potential for more in future years.

Who is eligible?

Former & Current hospitality practitioners

Hoteliers – Owner/Operators, Presidents, MDs, GMs, VPs

Agencies/consortia: advertising, branding, marketing etc

Academics/hotel schools and other hospitality experts

Must have been in the hospitality profession for 10 years Primary focus is on global activities