Frank M Pfaller – President/Founder

I always thought of our industry and their leaders as something very special. Having dedicated more than three decades of my professional live as an independent hotelier to assist private and institutional investors in the development, positioning and management of an exclusive portfolio of some of the most idiosyncratic independent hotels and resorts around the globe, it is now my desire to form an institution dedicated to fostering an appreciation of the historical development of hospitality and its impact on our culture.

Together with a very selective Board of Advisors we are carefully examining and evaluating the activities of our colleagues as to their most innovating activities that had dramatic impact on both, business results and pioneering of innovative concepts, guest services and experiences. The IHHOF is honouring inventors of a new form of deeper luxury, which will help the current and future generations of hospitality professionals through education, training and inspiration. We celebrate the innovators, leaders, thinkers, and doers, across all hospitality disciplines.

With strong supporters from our industry, such as HoteliersGuild, GreatHotels, WorldGuide, Seven Stars Luxury Hospitality and Liestyle Awards to name just a few, The Hospitality Hall of Fame Academy is an invitation-only exclusive group of senior professionals from the hospitality corporate, agency, and academic worlds. The job of an Academy member is to vote on a list of the 40-50 top nominations to produce the short list of candidates.The Academy is a unique association some of the greatest living hospitality legends who embrace the principle of using our industry to help bring positive social change. Members offer their time to support the work of IHHOF year round. All Academy Members share a belief in the power of our industry to break down barriers, bring people together and improve the lives of young professionals around the world.

The Judging Panel The Hospitality Hall of Fame committee works closely with the Academy to hand pick a group of recognised hospitality experts and leaders of industry associations, to make the final selections.

AMBASSADORS IHHOF Ambassadors are a select group of both current and retired hospitality professionals who have achieved greatness in our industry or made significant contributions during their careers. They are recognised as role models and icons of success and have volunteered their services to support the work of the IHHOF.

Thank you for your valued support!